summer in the lakes

Summer in the Lakes - it's all hills, water, drystone walls and super cute sheep! | Emma Lamb

Yup, once you get into the heart of The Lake District that's about all you're going to see - and it couldn't be more perfect! Of course you have to be able to brave driving the piddly little roads you need to travel on to get there - barely wider than regular single lanes but with two way traffic, no white lines to mark your territory and only occasional 'passing places'! It's a wee bit of a shock to the system for city drivers and non-driving city passengers I can tell you!

making everyday beautiful : summer hues

Weekly favourites from our fabulous Flickr group 'making everyday beautiful' curated by Emma Lamb: 1. Hello Twiggs, 2. Silvia Raga, 3. lydiafairy, 4. M. Valbom, 5. cafe noHut

Happy Monday folks, how was your weekend? Hopefully everyone int he UK didn't suffer too much during Bertha's wee visit? She's still hanging about the east coast of Scotland right now so the summer feels like it's taking a little break right now. But no matter because this morning I have the most wonderful job of moderating over 700 of your fabulous summer submissions to our making everyday beautiful Flickr group. Wowee, what a treat indeed!

trying to get started again

A few summer Instagram's - follow me as | Emma Lamb

Omg, I don't want to though! It's too nice out there. I just want to play in the sunshine ALL the time! I hadn't planned to be away for so long but since gorgeous summer day after gorgeous summer day just kept arriving in these parts - and they can be so rare some years! - there was nothing else for it, I just had to unplug and go outside. And I unplugged completely! Even my new found love for Instagram was ditched in favour of walking and sun lounging!

crochet chat : Hexipetl Shawl for Gomitoli's

Hello and happy Monday my blog buddies! Today I have some fabulous news to share about the 'Italian project' I've been teasing you with recently. I am so excited that at last it is here and at last I can share what it is with you all! So without further ado this is my Hexipetl Shawl designed exclusively for Gomitoli's which is currently available on their website as a limited edition kit...

Hexipetl Shawl : Exclusive kit design by Emma Lamb for the Italian yarn company Gomitoli's | Emma Lamb

Yay! It is such a relief to finally be able to tell you all about this gorgeous project that I was working on back in June. This beautiful yarn was turned into these sneaky peek pics which were then quickly turned into this gorgeous summer shawl. I hope you are loving it just as much as I am?